Ночной Петербург
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Saint-Petersburg overnight

# 21.221 km.
# 1 hour 10 minutes

Классическая ночная прогулка по реке Фонтанке и Большой Неве. За время прогулки можно увидеть разводку двух красивейших мостов – Дворцового и Троицкого, и насладиться незабываемыми видами ночного Петербурга.

The route will start at the “Anichkov bridge” quay, which is located at the very corner of Nevsky prospect, Fontanka river embankment 25-27.

The journey is accompanied by the audio excursion.

Through Fontanka river into Neva river waters

Comfortable cruiser will sail to Big Neva river through Fontanka river, past Ciniselli Circus, St. Michael’s Castle, the tiniest monument of Tschischik-Pyschik, Summer Garden and Summer palace of Peter the Great. From the deck of the cruiser you can clearly see the streets of the city at night, domes of the cathedrals, small churches, on the left  you’ll see one of the signature landmarks of Saint Petersburg – The Church on the Spilled Blood.

Grand Neva river and drawn bridges show.

Having escaped the solemn waters of Fontanka river, the cruiser will take you to the aquatorium of grand Neva river. You’ll gaze at the stunning views of embankments overnight, Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange and Rostral Columns, Winter palace and Peter and Paul fortress, the cruiser will take you to the famous Aurora cruiser, where it will take a turn and sail down the stream towards the movable feast on Neva river, drawn bridges.

Bridges are drawn starting from the port side, so the cruiser will take you through Neva river past the Palace bridge. It will be the first drawn bridge to be seen, with its classic double-wing construction, then Trinity bridge with it’s single-wing construction will be drawn as well. With the bridges having drawn, the cruiser will cross them once again.

It’s thought by many that the wish made beneath a drawn bridge will definitely come true! After all the passengers have made their wishes, the cruiser will take you back to the point of departure on Fontanka river.

Our journey will be comfortable in any weather conditions, if the night is warm you may sit on the deck, but if it gets chilly you’ll be able to move inside the glazed interiors of our cruiser at any moment.



Attractions included in the route