Летопись блокадного города
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Rumyantsev's mansion
# St.Petersburg, Angliiskay naberezhnaya, 44

Chronicle of the Blockade City route

# 20.277 km.
# 3 hours

Маршрут иллюстрирует страницы из жизни осажденного города, показывает, как выживал Ленинград в течение 900 дней блокады

In September 8, 1941 the ring of siege laid around Leningrad. There were 2,887,000 inhabitants in the city those days. The front line laid just 6 km away from boundary of the city. During the war 107158 explosive and incendiary bombs were dropped on Leningrad. Rationed norm of bread during the first winter of the siege was 125 grams per day. Communication of the city with the mainland was carried only by air and by water, later called the road of life.

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