Свадебный маршрут «Европейский колорит»
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by water transport
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How to get there?
Peter and Paul Fortress
# Zayachy Island

Wedding route: ‘European colours’

# 4.832 km.
# 4 hours 30 minutes

Добавьте «европейского колорита» вашим свадебным фотографиям

Narrow cobbled streets and winding canals, the textured lattice of bridges, cute varicoloured mansions, artistic moulding of facades. All these purely European details will adorn any wedding photo. There is no need for newlyweds to travel outside Russia to make a wedding walk in stylish locations: you can find all the resources in the most European city of the country, St. Petersburg.

Part of the route passes by land, and partly it is along the Neva River. In order to get a float joy from your adventure, it is recommended to take a boat that departs from the Komendantskaya pier on the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress, and to go along the Moika Canal, to leave the Hermitage Bridge along the Winter Canal and moor to the pier with lions, to go straight to Senate Square. The route continues by land and ends in the heart of the historical centre of St. Petersburg.

Attractions included in the route