Петербург — город морской славы
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State Museum Complex "Peterhof"
# St. Petersburg, Peterhof, Razvodnaya street, 2

The Maritime Glory of St.Petersburg

# 39.676 km.
# 8 hours

Маршрут для влюблённых в море: посещение Петергофа на «Метеоре», музеев города-форта Кронштадт, крейсера «Аврора» и ледокола «Красин», а также Музея Арктики и Антарктики

The route will let you get in touch with the history of Russia — a great maritime power — from the first Russian fleet, constructed under the order of tsar Peter the Great, to modern nuclear powered ships. For more than three centuries ships were created at shipyards of St. Petersburg. Our city is one of the largest Russian ports and an active participant of marine scientific researches.

Strolling around St. Petersburg and its suburban areas, you will travel not only in space, but also in time: the "Meteor" hydrofoil  will take you to Peterhof and the courtly XVIII century. Then you may go to Kronstadt and its man-made forts — the heart of the Russian navy and the vanguard in the construction of sea fortifications in Imperial Russia. On the cruiser Aurora you will find yourself in the beginning of the XX century in the times of the World War I and the socialist revolution. The icebreaker Krasin will immerse you in the heroic atmosphere of exploration of the North, and then study its history in the museum of Arctic and Antarctic.

And, finally, you find yourself in the modern magnificent and peaceful St. Petersburg, and its power and glory impress you even more by its beauty.

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