Getting married in St. Petersburg: Q&A

We are not residents of St. Petersburg. Can we register our marriage here?

Yes, foreign citizens can register their marriage in any Marriage Palace or Register Office in St. Petersburg.


What steps should we take to register our marriage in St. Petersburg?

  1. Choose a Wedding Palace or Register Office in St. Petersburg
  2. Pay the state duty
  3. Submit a marriage application and required documents
  4. Choose the date and time of the marriage ceremony
  5. Get your marriage registered in the chosen registry office
  6. Get a certificate of state registration of marriage


How can I book the date and time of marriage registration?

You can book any free date and time in a month but no later than 12 months from the date of filing an application.


Can we refuse the solemn ceremony of marriage?

Yes, an engaged couple can choose either a formal way of marriage registration, or a solemn ceremony.


Is it obligatory to submit a marriage application in person?

Yes, it is obligatory. However, the presence of one of the persons entering into marriage is quite sufficient. In this case the signature of the second person on the application should be certified by a notary.


I do not speak Russian. Can I fill in an application in my native language?

Yes, you can. The application can be filled in a foreign language, however translation into Russian is strictly required. In the registry office you should submit the translation into Russian certified by a notary.


Where can I find a marriage application form?

Application forms and sample applications are available on the website of the Civic Affairs Committee in the Documents section.

Application form No. 7


What documents should I submit together with an application?

1. Identity cards

2. A document confirming the termination of the previous marriage, in case it took place;

3. Permission to marry if any of fiancées has not reached the marriage age (18 years);

4. A document on the marital status of fiancées.


I am a foreign citizen. Is legalization and translation of the documents obligatory?

Yes, it is obligatory. Documents of foreign citizens issued by the competent authorities of foreign countries should be legalized and translated into Russian. The accuracy of the translation should be certified by a notary.


Will the registry office provide us with interpreting services when submitting an application and on the day of marriage registration?

No, fiancées should handle an issue with interpreter themselves.


How much is the state duty and how can I pay it?

The state duty for marriage registration including an issue of a marriage certificate amounts to 350 rubles (€5).The state duty is paid at the bank office or via online banking to the banking details provided:

The name of the beneficiary: УФК по Санкт-Петербургу (Главное Управление Министерства юстиции РФ по Санкт-Петербургу)
TIN: 7838459758
IEC: 783801001
OKTMO: 40303000
OKPO: 91956193
PSRN: 1117847191252
KBK: 31810805000010001110
Beneficiary account number: 40101810200000010001
Bank name: Северо-Западное ГУ Банка России
BIC: 044030001
Name of payment: state duty for civil registration.


What else do I need to know before registering a marriage in St. Petersburg?

There are special rules of conduct on the premises of the registry offices. They can be found on the website of the Civic Affairs Committee in the State registration of marriage section.


I still have questions. Where can I find answers?

You can direct all your questions in English to Visit Petersburg Staff here.
All questions can be sent to the Civic Affairs Committee via Electronic Consulting Room. Consultation is carried out in Russian for free.