Street walking along Petrograd Side, St Petersburg [4K]

The Petrograd side - the alphabet of eclecticism, attracting to itself by the variety of architectural forms and truly European metropolitan coziness. You can walk along its streets indefinitely, and every time you will open some new amazing details. Let's take an online walk together! In this video you can see:

- Gor`kovskaya Metro Station;

- Lenfilm;

- Divensky Garden;

- Austrian Square;

- Garden of Alexander Lyceum;

- Benua House;

- Nizami Ganjavi Park;

- Andey Petrov Park;

- Leo Tolstoy Square;

- Andrey Mironov Theater;

- Karpovka River;

- Monument to medical workers;

- Public Space on Karpovka Embankment.