Tripartite Bridge at the Church of Savior on Spilled Blood


Composition of three bridges is located nearby to the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Tripartite Bridge or Three-Arched Bridge is actually the most visited place by newlyweds in St. Petersburg.  These three bridges of the confluence of Moika River (reka Moyka) and the Griboedov Canal (kanal Griboedova) are: Theatre Bridge (Teatralny most), Malo-Konyushenny Bridge (Malo-Konyushenny most), Novo-Konyushenny Bridge (Novo-Konyushenny most).

The belief says that newlyweds will be happy all live long right after they have done the marriage registration, if the couple arrive on the Tripartite Bridge. They need to walk all three bridges and necessarily bow to The Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood. 

Wedding route ‘For Happiness’!

Route for true romantics and believers in omens

  • Address: Saint Petersburg, nab. kanala Griboedova, 2a
  • Working time: Round table
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