The great ruler who became the autocratic prince of all Russia Saint Alexander was born on May 30th, 1220 in the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky. From an early age, Saint Alexander accompanied his father on war campaigns. In 1236, Yaroslav, leaving for Kiev, «planted» his son, Saint Alexander, to reign in Novgorod on his own.

The most difficult time in the history of Russia began: Mongol hordes marched from the east, German knights were advancing from the west. At this terrible hour, Archbishop Spiridon blessed the holy prince and his army for battle. And there was a wonderful omen: the warrior Pelguy (in Holy Baptism Philip), who was standing in the sea, saw at dawn a boat sailing on the sea, and on it the holy martyrs Boris and Gleb. And Boris said: «Brother Gleb, lead us to row, so let us help our relative Alexander». When Pelguy reported the vision to the prince who had arrived, Saint Alexander commanded not to tell anyone about the miracle, and with prayer he led an army against the Swedes. On July 15th, 1240, it won a victory, for which the people named Saint Alexander - Nevsky.

In 1241, with a lightning march, Saint Alexander returned the ancient Russian fortress of Koporye, expelling the knights. In 1242, Alexander liberated Pskov, and in the spring of 1242 he gave a decisive battle to the Teutonic Order. By his prayer, the crusaders were completely defeated.

In 1252, many Russian cities rebelled against the Tatar yoke. The very existence of Russia was threatened again. Saint Alexander had to go to the Horde again in order to ward off the punitive invasion of the Tatars from the Russian lands. Saint Alexander became the autocratic Grand Prince of all Rus: Vladimir, Kiev and Novgorod.

In 1261, through the efforts of Saint Alexander, a diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church was established in the capital of the Golden Horde. The era of the great Christianization of the pagan East has come.

On the way back from the Horde, on November 14th 1263, Saint Alexander, before reaching Vladimir, died, in Gorodets, in the Feodorovsky Monastery, completing his arduous life by accepting the schema with the name Alexy.

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