Church of The Holy Righteous Simeon and Anna The Prophetess (Simeon and Anna Church)


Church of Simeon and Anna is one of the oldest fully functioning orthodox churches in Saint Petersburg

The church was built during the period from 1731 to 1734 on the orders of the Empress Anna Ioannovna. The construction was erected on the site of the run-down wooden church (built in 1712-1714) in Petrine baroque style with the elements of Old Russian architecture upon the project of the architect Zemtsov and Blank.

On January 27, 1734 the ceremony of consecration of the new stone three-chapel church with a 47-m bell tower. A soaring spire was raised on the roof of the temple by the Holland master Boles.

The main altar of the church was consecrated in the name of Simeon the God-Receiver, the right chapel in the name of the Archangel Michael, and the left one in the name of Ephraim the Syrian.

The main construction works were finished with installation of a high luminous cylinder, surmounted by a beautiful lobed dome of a complex design. A four-decked carving icon stand was made by the woodcarver Gann, stucco works were made by the sculptor Ignaty Rossi, icons were painted by the artists Matveev, Vasilievsky, Eroshevsky, Zacharov and Pospelev.

In 1772 the constructors built one more altar stand in the name of Eustathius Placidas, which was dismantled in 1802. The architect Vyborov built on a sacrarium and a chapel to the church in 1803-1808. The church used to be a court church.

In 1869-1873 the church underwent renovation works supervised by the architect Wintergalter, for instance, a new altar in the name of the icon of the Mother of God ‘Of the three hands’ appeared above the sacrarium. The icon was consecrated on October 17 (29), 1871. Now it is located in St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral. Since 1868 there was an association for helping poor people at the church, its participants also kept an orphan asylum and a poorhouse.

In 1938 the church was closed, and it turned into a warehouse. It was reconstructed in 1951-1954 and in 1980s handed over to the Meteorological Museum. In 1991 it was returned to a Church. 1995 marks the new consecration of the church. The former Belinsky bridge and Belinskogo Street take their names from the nearby church and are currently known as the Simeonovsky Bridge and Simeonovskaya Church.

The archpriest of the church: Mitred Archpriest Oleg Skoblya

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