Winter Palace of Peter I


In the first third of the XVIII century, the Winter Palace was built for Peter the Great on the Palace embankment where the Hermitage theater is located now

This Palace has not been preserved to the present day, but at the end of the XX century, during the reconstruction of the Hermitage theater, some interiors of the Winter Palace of Peter I were recreated and the museum was opened.

The Wedding chambers of Peter I were built on the Neva embankment in 1712. In 1716-1719, architect Georg Mattarnovi erected the new building of the Winter Palace for the emperor next to the old one. After the death of Mattarnovi, his work was continued by N. Gerbel, who seriously expanded the Palace and turned it into a true imperial dwelling in 1719-1722. The Palace became the most solemn building in Saint Petersburg. Peter the Great died there in 1725.

Later, Catherine I and Peter II lived in the Palace. The Palace was also prepared for Anna Ioannovna, but she preferred the Chambers of Apraksin (on the site of the current Winter Palace). The building of the Peter's Palace became a service building. In 1734 the dance school of Jean-Baptiste Lande was housed here. Nowadays, it is the Vaganova Academy of Russian ballet. At the end of the XVIII century, the Hermitage theater was built on this site.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the architects of the State Hermitage discovered the historical parts of the Palace. Some of the rooms were recreated and now they are available for visitors.

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