The Palace of Peter II was built on the area of Alexander Menshikov's estate in the twenties of the 18th century. It is located on the Universitetskaya naberezhnaya of Vasilievsky Island.

Menshikov's daughter was affianced to Peter Alekseevich that's why in 1727 the new palace was laid down on the site of Menshikov. Previously there was a house of Menshikov's butler, Fedor Solovev. This house was reconstructed and became an eastern wing of new palace.

At the stone-laying ceremony attended Peter Alekseevich and architect Domenico Trezzini. In 1730, before the end of the building Peter II dies in Moscow from the disease. After his death the construction of the building had actually stopped.

Currently East and Philology faculties of St. Petersburg State University are located in the former Palace of Peter II.

Vasilievsky Island

Vasilievsky, one of the largest islands in St.Petersburg, was originally planned to be the centre of the city

Baroque monuments in St. Petersburg

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