Novo-Peterhofsky Bridge


Novo-Peterhofsky Bridge is a bridge over the Obvodny Canal in Lermontovsky Avenue of Saint Petersburg. It connects Lermontovsky Avenue to Baltic Railway Station square

The first wooden three-span bridge was built in this place in 1857. The crossing served for the passage from Novo-Peterhofsky (now Lermontovsky) avenue to the Baltic Railway station which was opened in the same year.

At the opening the bridge got the name Novo-Peterhofsky. In 1860 it was renamed as Stiglitsky - after the court banker Baron A.L. Stiglitz, who invested in the construction of the Baltic Railway, Baltic Railway Station and the bridge itself. In 1914, the year of the centenary of the birth of M. Y. Lermontov, Novo-Peterhofsky prospekt became known as Lermontovsky. So the bridge became Lermontovsky too, but this name did not hold. Since 1916 the bridge was called Novo-Peterhofsky again.

In 1931-1932, due to the planned construction of tram tracks on Lermontovsky prospekt, a single-span reinforced concrete bridge was built on the site of the wooden bridge. The authors were the engineers O. E. Bugaev, N. E. Yermolaev, M. I. Zhdanov and the architect K. M. Dmitriev. The architectural design was made with the participation of the chief architect of Leningrad L. A. Ilyin. The project was advised by the renowned engineer and bridge scientist G. P. Pereerius.

In 1960 the bridge’s iron railing which had not very pleasant view was replaced by an artistic cast-iron lattice designed by I. N. Benoit. The new railing became the decoration of the previously unremarkable bridge.

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