Green Bridge


The Green (Police) Bridge connects Kazansky and 2-nd Admiralteisky islands across the River Moyka in the Central district of St. Petersburg.

The first wooden swing bridge across the Moyka River in line of Nevsky Prospekt was built in 1717-1718. In 1735, during the reconstruction, the bridge was painted green, and that's where its first name - Green - came from.

In 1768 it got another name - "the Police bridge", because the city police department was located right next to it (later that building was occupied by the royal court hospital). Since 1777, the general chief of police N. Chicherin lived near the bridge.

Also in 1777 on the site of the old bridge the three-span beam system bridge on stone counterforts with wooden superstructure was erected.

In 1806-1808 architect William Hastie built a new cast iron bridge on the site of the old wooden one (it was the first cast-iron bridge in St. Petersburg). The project was so successful that it has been approved as a model project for all the bridges over Moyka. Due to the fact that the bridges are located close to each other and apparently looked very similar, the citizens got confused quite often. To avoid confusion, the bridges were painted different colors and named accordingly: the Green Bridge, the Red Bridge, the Blue Bridge and the Yellow Bridge (now the Pevchesky Bridge).

Currently, the main street of the city - Nevsky Prospect - passes through the Green Bridge. Close to the bridge Razumovsky palace is located (the Russian State Pedagogical University n.a. Alexander Herzen), as well as the General Staff building and M. Ruadze’s tenement building and assembly hall.

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