Treckchastny Bridge


The Trekhchastny bridge is an original bridge over the partly buried Voskresensky Canal in Saint-Petersburg. It connected the Saint Michael's Castle with Zamkovaya Street, where a monument to Peter the Great is installed, and the hornwork

The bridge was erected by an engineer P.P. Saken upon the project of the architect V. Brenn in 1797-1800, at the same time as the Saint Michael's Castle was constructed. It bears resemblance to a trident, which is why is called this way.

The bridge was filled up along with the Voskresensky Canal between 1879 and 1882. The bridge construction were preserved beneath the ground.

In 2003, during the restoration of the Saint Michael's Castle, the part of the Canal adjacent to the southern side of the Castle was reconstructed. Trekhchastny Bridge was also dug out and restored.

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