Podyachesky most (Podyachesky bridge) connects Kazansky and Spassky islands through Kanal Griboyedova. 

This bridge was given its name after Bolshaya Podyacheskaya ulitsa (also neighboring Malaya Podyachesckaya ulitsa and Srednyaya Podyachesckaya ulitsa) inhabited by minor civil servants “podyachiye” in the 18th century. The word “podyachiye” refers to secretary sacristans and scriveners assistants in Ancient Rus.

In 1906 a wooden pedestrian bridge over Yekaterininsky kanal (Catherine’s canal – present Kanal Griboyedova) was thrown at this place, replaced by a single-span reinforced concrete bridge in 1971-1972. Basic frames of the bridge are constructed in the form of the cantilevers that conjugate to an imperfect hinge while the bridge supports form an inverted arch. For the first time this technique was applied in 1967 during the construction of Novo-Konyushenny Bridge over Kanal Griboyedova.

In the four corners of the bridge there are granite obelisks with lanterns that used to be decorating Aleksandrovsky most (Alexander's bridge) over Vvedensky Kanal near its confluence with the Fontanka River. When the kanal was filled up in 1965 – 1970, Aleksandrovsky Bridge,  built in 1808 – 1814, was dismantled, and the obelisks of a considerable artistic value were transferred to Podyachesky Bridge.

Following the scenery of the «Piter FM»

The route will get you acknowledged with the places in Saint Petersburg that have become the scenery for «Piter FM» film. 

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