The first wooden bridge through Moika near Isaakiyevskaya Square arose in 1737

This unusual simple-span bridge was constructed in 1818 after a typical project of W.Hastie. In 1842-1844 the Blue Bridge was widened in the course of the arrangement of Isaakiyevskaya square. That is the story how the “invisible bridge” appeared. Thousands of tourists daily find themselves on it and only few of them notice that it is in fact a bridge, owing to the fact the width of the bridge span is equal to the width of the square.

River Moika is knows for the “bridges of color”: the Blue, the Green, the Yellow and the Red bridges used to span the river, now only the Blue and the Red bridges having remained.

The Blue Bridge is the widest bridge in the world. Its width is three times more than its length (approximately 97.3 m). 

Search for a boat trip that floats along Moika under the Blue Bridge. It seems like a true tunnel when you see it from the water level. 

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