The 11th emperor Vserossiysky, the third son of the emperor Pavel I and Maria Fyodorovna; began reign with Decembrist uprising suppression.

The monument is located on St Isaac's Square. The Neo-Baroque monument to the Russian Emperor Nicholas I was designed by architect Auguste de Montferrand in 1856. The pedestal is decorated with allegorical female figures of Wisdom, Force, Faith and Justice, in whose faces one can notice the likeness with the wife and daughters of the Empereros. High reliefs on the pedestal represent the most important events of the time of Nikolas I's ruling: the Decembrist uprising (1825), suppression of cholera revolt on Sennaya Square (1831), Speransky's rewarding concerning the creation of the first code of laws (1832) and Verebyinsky Bridge opening on the railroad from St. Petersburg to Moscow (1851).

Monument to Nikolay I on Isaakiyevskaya Square Nikolay I (1796-1855) – the 11th emperor Vserossiysky, the third son of the emperor Pavel I and Maria Fyodorovna; I began reign with Decembrist uprising suppression. Uniqueness of a monument to Nikolay of I consists that the heavy rider has only two points of support (back hoofs of a horse). Stability the poods of the fraction which have been filled up in a croup of a horse, and as give to a monument metal columns under hoofs of hind legs of the horse, going through a pedestal to its basis. Nikolay of I is represented in a smart uniform, on his head – a helmet with an eagle. Pedestal of a monument Vera's allegorical figures, Wisdom, Justice decorate, Forces. Persons of figures have similarity to lines of the wife and daughters of the emperor. Height of an equestrian statue is 6 m, the general height of a monument is 16,3 m. It is open on June 25, 1859.

The monument to Nikolay I is erected on the same axis with the well-known Bronze Horseman, the tsars look outward in the same direction, they are separated only by St. Isaac's Cathedral building.Due to this fact, some sayings in St. Petersburg folklore were creatded. For example: "The fool follows the clever man but  "Isaaky" (People call so the cathedral, for shortl) prevents him".

Please, pay your attention at the lanterns near the monument, they are among the most beautiful ones in the city.

The epoch of Nicolas I

The route will guide you through the times of Nicolas I reign. You can learn more about him by getting acquainted with architectural monument that cherish memories of those times.

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