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Saint Petersburg became the first city in Russia joining the international WTTC program for safe tourism - Safe Travels. As part of this initiative key players of city tourism industry receive a special sign Safe Travels SPB, recognizing them as organizations implemented health and hygiene protocols that are aligned with WTTC’s Global Safe Travels Protocols. For tourists, this sign is a guarantee that the services provided by city tourism organizations meet the requirements of sanitary hygienic standards and safety standards. By receiving the Safe Travels SPB sign, city tourism organizations become participants of the unified Saint Petersburg marketing program to promote the city as the safe destination for travel. You can find all information of the #SafeTravels program in this section.

List of participants of the Safe Travels program in St. Petersburg


About Safe Travels program

Saint Petersburg joins the world Safe Tourism movement, becoming the first city in Russia which developed and offered its solutions for safe stay in the city.

The Committee for tourism development of Saint Petersburg has developed and agreed with the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor) safety standards for city tourism organizations. The documents contain basic requirements for sanitary conditions, access features, and other necessary measures. All organizations will have to ensure compliance with standards and post information about its implementation on their official websites before starting work.

Implementation of these actions and a special sign issued by WTTC to Saint Petersburg – Saint Petersburg Safety Stamp/Safe Travels SPB  – allow Saint Petersburg to be a destination which guarantees safeness and wellbeing for tourists.

How to become a Safe Travels SPB member

Instructions for obtaining a QR code with the sign Safe Travels SPB :

for health resorts,

 enterprises (individual entrepreneurs) that provide hotel services,

 organizations (individual entrepreneurs) that operate in the tourism sector (tour operators, travel agents, tour desks)

1. Register or log in to your personal account on the official website of the Unified Entrepreneurship Center via the link.

1.1. When in personal account, go to the section "Sending information about the implementation (resumption) of activities".

1.2. Select the field of activity of the organization "Sanatorium and resort institution operating in accordance with Government resolution of 13.03.2020 No. 121", "Enterprise (individual entrepreneur) providing hotel services, in accordance with Government resolution of 13.03.2020 No. 121", "Organization (individual entrepreneur) operating in the tourism sector (tour operator, travel agent, tour desk), in accordance with Government resolution of 13.03.2020 No. 121" and fill in the information in accordance with the requirements (Appendix).

1.3. Fill out forms (check-lists)

1.4. Confirm the implementation of mandatory and additional measures to ensure safe activities with the mandatory attachment of photographic materials confirming compliance with the relevant measures.

1.5. Confirm acceptance of terms and agreement to ensure strict compliance with the regular requirements about completing the form once every two months according to the Agreement of 03.07.2020 on cooperation in the sphere of tourist services and hospitality in St. Petersburg during the period of exiting from anti-epidemic restrictions imposed in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19.

1.6. Confirm the authenticity of the information and click "Send notification".


2. If there is a QR code for the provision of other services in accordance with Government decree No. 121 of 13.03.2020, the organization sends a corresponding notification to the Unified Entrepreneurship Center website to obtain a unified QR code with the sign Safe Travels SPB for the permitted types of services for the organization.

2.1. Confirm your consent to participate in the Safe Travels SPB program in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Protocol of Saint Petersburg in your personal account on the Unified Entrepreneurship Center’s website.

2.2. The notification should pass the moderation on the Unified Entrepreneurship Center’s website up to 3 working days.

2.3. If the notification is confirmed, the organization receives a unified QR code with the sign Safe Travels SPB , including previously received QR codes and a link to be sent to the Committee for tourism development of Saint Petersburg (safetravelspb@krt.gov.spb.ru) to confirm the start of functioning and to post information on the Visit-Petersburg.ru website.

2.4. The received QR code with the Safe Travels SPB sign must be placed by organizations (individual entrepreneurs) in a clear and accessible form for the information of consumers by means adopted in the hospitality industry, including on the entrance doors, in the consumer's corner, on websites, in booking systems, price lists and other advertising and information materials used by organizations, including mandatory placement on their website in the information and telecommunications network «Internet».

2.5. Consumers of the organization's services, having scanned the QR-code with the sign Safe Travels SPB , can get information about the organization (individual entrepreneur) in terms of compliance with the Standards of conducting safe activities (including a checklist).

2.6. After receiving the QR code with the sign Safe Travels SPB , the organization undertakes to follow the Recommendations and Standards developed by industry representatives and authorities to preserve the health of tourists, the policy of openness of the organization's activities to customers.


3. The organization becomes a member of the St. Petersburg marketing program «Petersburg hospitality», including on the official city tourism portal Visit-Petersburg.ru.

Use these hashtags in news reports: #SafeTravelsSPB #SafeTravels #VisitPetersburg #SafeTravelsSPB

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

 -         Tel.: 8 (812) 324-03-03 or 8 (800) 222-88-12.

WTTC Protocols

The World Travel and Tourism Council has developed a series of protocols in the following areas: leading global protocols for the new normal, hospitality, outdoor shopping, airports, convention centres, meetings & events, aviation, attractions, car rental, short term rental, tour operators ., рекомендации минздрава.

In the texts of the protocols, you will find recommendations and instructions for implementation during the recovery phase. These protocols are focused on results and are valid for countries around the world.

Following the protocol prescriptions will help ensure a safe stay of tourists in St. Petersburg and restore the trust of potential travelers.

List of organizations that have withdrawn from the Safe Travels program in St. Petersburg:

St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospect, 38/4, lit. Ah, pom. 2-H
+7(911)104-78-86 edmitriev@vodohod.ru https://vodohod.com/
г. Колпино, ул. Ижорского батальона, д. 7
+7(921)781-82-34 dv78.mail@gmail.com https://sletat.ru/
г. Санкт-Петербург, ул. Гороховая, дом 58, лит. А, пом. 1Н
+7(812)702-72-00 antuganov@nikatravel.ru http://nikatravel.ru/
г. Санкт-Петербург, Лиговский пр. дом 73
ИП Михалева Татьяна Викторовна
г. Санкт-Петербург, пр. Обуховской обороны, д. 116, копр 1Е, секция 202
+7(812)906-87-65 9068765@mail.ru
г. Санкт-Петербург, ул. Лизы Чайкиной, д. 10б лит А., пом 1Н
+7(901)303-77-30 info@scandica.ru https://scandica.ru/

List of organizations that received the status of «Vaccinated»