Свадебный маршрут «Принц и принцесса»
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The Yusupov Palace
# Saint Petersburg, nab. reki Moiki, 94

Wedding route 'Prince and Princess'

# 7.687 km.
# 6 hours

Ничто так не украсит тот самый день, как возможность оказаться в европейской сказке и почувствовать себя принцем и принцессой.

St. Petersburg more than any other city in Russia can give you the feeling of being in a fabulous atmosphere, and can make you feel like a float prince and princess. For 300 years of reign, the imperial dynasty of the Romanovs left a truly rich heritage for descendants: magnificent palaces, immense squares, elegant gardens. Due to its status of the imperial city, St. Petersburg received facades of buildings decorated with expensive stone, generously decorated with golden domes and spires, as well as unique interiors of noble mansions. We suggest you go to a wedding photo tour to the places that will reflect the luxury of scenery and convey the atmosphere of a magnificent celebration.

Attractions included in the route