Baltic Cruise

Excursion and entertainment trip along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland around Vasilevsky Island accompanied by audio excursions in Russian and English languages and background music. A children's room is on board. The boat makes a stop on a pier Sevcable Port.

Educative and entertaining journey through Neva river and the Gulf of Finland around Vasilievskiy island accompanied with audio excursion in Russian and in English and background music.

Grand Neva river aquatorium

In the spacious aquatorium of Grand Neva you will witness stunning views at the main sights of Saint Petersburg: spectacular Peter and Paul fortress, Winter palace, Admiralty building, Marble palace, Old Stock Exchange and Rostral Columns. The cruiser will take you below Palace and Tuchkov bridges and into Malaya Neva.

Malaya Neva

You will see the city from its “sea-side”. You will meet numerous cruisers, yachts, docks, yaht-clubs for the life of Petersburg and its citizens is intricately connected to the sea. You will see Zenith-Arena stadium on Krestovskiy island and cable bridge, which gracefully connects the parts of the city.

Around Vasilievskiy through the Gulf of Finland

The seaside sights of Finnish gulf is a renowned landmark, you will gaze upon the tallest tower of Saint Petersburg – Gazprom building and Public port with spectacular cruise liners. You will see Kronschtadt further on.

Stop Sevcable Port

On the route the boat stops on the pier of the creative space Sevcable Port, on the pier you can get off and continue your rest there.

Attention! The second pass to the boat is not included in the ticket price, the return transfer is purchased separately in the program "Port - City".

And Big Neva again

On your way back, having escaped Finnish gulf and having passed one more cable bridge, the cruiser will sail back to Big Neva, where you will see memorial icebreaker “Krasin”, Arts Academy, Senate and Synods building, Bronze Horseman, Menshikov’s palace.

A children's room is on board. To listen to the excursion in English, please ask the crewman for individual audioguide.


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Saint Isaac's Cathedral

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

Saint Petersburg, Isaakiyevskaya square, 4

The largest Russian Orthodox cathedral in the city

St. Isaac's Cathedral - is a unique monument of domestic architecture and is one of the best cathedrals of Europe. It is an outstanding model of the Russian cult art. Decorating of a cathedral includes the largest collection of the Russian monumental painting of the middle of the XIX century, numbering more than 150 works. Works of well-known artists Vasily Shebuyev, Karl Bryullov, Fyodor Bruni are among them. More than 300 statues, sculptural groups and reliefs are created by Ivan Vitali. More than 60 mosaic works of Russian masters play an important role in art and decorative furniture. One of the largest in Russia stained-glass windows of 28,5 sq.m. represents a real interest.

St. Isaac's Cathedral's height is 101,5 m. The cathedral is the fourth in the world by its size. It concedes only to St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome, St. Paul's Cathedral in London and Saint Maria's cathedral in Florence. It can contain to 12 000 having the area of 4000 square meter.

48 granite pillars of Finnish granite were mined from Pyterlahti quarry.

Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange

Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange

The Spit of Vasilyevsky Island

The main building in the architectural complex of The Spit of Vasilyevsky Island

The building, which is situated at Birzhevaya Ploschad 4, is a significant example of the Greek Revival architecture. Designed by French architect Thomas de Thomon and inspired by the Greek Temple of Hera at Paestum, the stock exchange was constructed between 1805 and 1810. It was built for the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, but was subsequently used for a different purpose. As of 2011 the building houses the exposition of the Central Naval Museum.

The Old Stock Exchange is sited to fill the majestic sweep of the Spit (in Russian Strelka) of Vasilievsky Island, just opposite the Winter Palace. Thomon's design called for a peristyle of forty four Doric columns resting upon a massive stylobate of red granite and supporting an entablature of triglyphs and slotted metopes. A monumental sculptural group similar in form to aquadriga featuring Neptune, and symbolizing maritime commerce, is mounted above the portico. Both inside and outside the Bourse, a motif of the semicircle is recurrent. The interior features a large colonnaded trading hall, now divided into eight exhibition halls. The central rooms are illuminated by an oblong skylight. The surrounding ceiling features double-sunk coffers.

St.Petersburg Academy of Science

St.Petersburg Academy of Science

St. Petersburg, Universitetskaya nab., 5
Berth «Bronze Horseman»

Berth «Bronze Horseman»

St. Petersburg, Admiralteyskaya embankment

Situated near cultural and leisure sights of St.Petersburg such as Palace square, Building of the Main Admiralty, Bronze Horseman etc.

The Rostral Columns

The Rostral Columns

St. Petersburg, Vasilievsky Ostrov, Birzhevaya Ploschad

In the 18th century the columns fulfiled the role of lighthouses

The first two rostrum columns, Chesmenskaya and Moreiskaya, were built in the 1770s at Tsarskoe Selo (near Pushkin) in memory of the victories of the Russian fleet (see Russian Naval Memorials). In St. Petersburg there are two rostral columns erected from granite and pudost stone in 1805-10 (architect Jean-Francois Thomas de Thomon) on the spit of Vasilyevsky Island (see also Stock Market Square). From the very start they served as beacons for the trading port. Inside the rostral columns are spiral staircases, leading to the squares are chalice shaped lamps on tripods (since 1957 the gas beacons of the columns have been lit for celebrations). At the pedestal of the columns are sculptures (the craftsman S. Sukhanov, the sculptors J. Camberlain and J. Thibaud), they are traditionally considered allegories for the Volga and Dnepr rivers (the northern column), the Neva and Volkhov (the southern column). In 1999-2000, they were restored.

The stadium "Gazprom Arena"

The stadium "Gazprom Arena"

Saint Petersburg, Football alley, 1

On the spot of Kirov Stadium, where Zenit used to play, now there is a new modern arena designed by a Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa (1934-2007)

The stadium is promised to be one of the most technologically advanced and perfect sports edifices in Europe.

The stadium will host matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, including semi-final games. The total capacity of the stadium amounts to 69 501 visitors.

Passenger port of Saint Petersburg "Marine Facade"

Passenger port of Saint Petersburg "Marine Facade"

St.Petersburg, ul. Bereg Nevskoi Guby, 1

“Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg "Marine Façade” is the first and only specialized passenger port in the North-West of Russia and also the largest one in the Baltic region. The Port is located on the reclaimed territories of Vasilievsky Island. 

The port complex includes seven berths with a total length of 2,171.06 meters, three cruise terminals and one combined cruise-ferry terminal. Passenger port of Saint Petersburg can receive cruise ships of up to 340 meters in length.

Construction of a new port in Nevskaya Guba began in 2005, and already in September 2008 the Port received its first ship with passengers on board. "Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg "Marine Façade" PLC is the only marine terminal operator at the Port. 

Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg "Marine Façade" PLC is an active participant of the global cruise market and appears regularly at international cruise industry events and exhibitions. The Port is a member of Association of Commercial Seaports, CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), Cruise Industry Members Association, Cruise Europe, Association of Marine Tourism Enterprises.

How to get:

You can get to the nearest metro station – “Primorskaya” (“Приморская”) by bus No. 158. The bus ride takes about 15 minutes.
You can also drive or walk to “Primorskaya” metro station. The walk should take about 30 minutes.

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Sevcable Port

Sevcable Port

St. Petersburg, Kozhevennaya line, V.O.
Piterland water park

Piterland water park

Saint Petersburg, Primorskiy prospect, 72

One of the biggest indoor water parks in Europe

Piterland is the biggest water park in Russia, and one of the biggest in Europe, opened in January 2012. This park is open all year round, so it is a great attraction even during the cold months, as it is covered by an enormous dome. Piterland has a whole lot of slides, a diving pool, a wave pool, pools for kids, many sauna and steam rooms and even a spa. Inside there is a bar and a restaurant. Prices vary for adolescent and adult fares depending on the day of the week and the time of the day. It is also possible to pay for a mini photoshoot in the pool.

There is also a 4-story mall, including a cinema with a 7D cinema room.

The entrance is free for kids under 4.


Useful information

Dates: 12 May - 15 September 

 +7 (812) 2400518