The Russian cuisine restaurant of 160 seats in the former barracks of the Lab-Guard of the Horse Regiment carries the guests in the times of the Peter the First epoch.

The  Russian cuisine restaurant "Petrousha" is located in the center of St. Petersburg, not far from St. Isaac's Cathedral - on Konnogvardeyskiy Boulevard, 4, where there used to be a former barracks of the Lab-Guardia Horse Regiment. According to the legend, Peter the Great  was kindly called  Petrousha by his beloved women, including his mother, Natalia Kirillovna Naryshkina. There is a picture of a childish image of Peter the I on a wooden toy horse and with a toy saber on the logo of the restaurant.

Among the hits of the local menu are The borsch and the Russian hangover soup called Schi, handmade pelmeni and vareniki (Russian dumplings), beef stroganoff, cutlets, blini (pancakes) and other dishes cooked according to the old recipes. Besides, "Petrousha" offers to guests both caviar tasting set and the Russian Olivier salad cooked according to the classical recipe with crayfish. And, of course, there are always natural mors (berries juice), Ivan-Tea in exquisite porcelain, in-house infusions based on various spices, herbs, berries and roots, for which the restaurant group is famous for since its foundation.

Modern comfort here is combined with historical interiors. Arched vaults, under which jazz and classical music is played and guests have meals, were built in the first half of the 19th century and remember their former inhabitants - soldiers and officers of the Lab-Guard of the Cavalry Regiment, famous in virtually all battles with the participation of Russia. That's why "Petrousha" gives its guests an opportunity not only to have a nourishing and tasty lunch or dinner for an adequate price, but also to feel themselves involved in Russian history.

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