Soviet cafe «Dachniki»


«Dachniki» Soviet Cafe offers great opportunity to enjoy a Soviet-style recreation in the center of St. Petersburg.

The guests of «Dachniki» Soviet Cafe meet the entourage of a classic Soviet summer cottage (so called «dacha») in all its charm. Much attention is paid to the interior details: here one can find jars of pickles and jam on the shelves, cuckoo clocks, a guitar on the wall, famous Soviet carpets, a paunchy refrigerator and an old moped at a wood stack.

«Dachniki» menu is also inspired by traditional «dacha meals». Many meals are cooked over a charcoal grill — such as shashlik, chicken or salmon. Among other classic meals that also worth attention there are dressed herring, meat patties, fried potatoes with wild mushrooms, homemade pelmeni (dumplings) and granny’s blini (pancakes). They are accompanied by soft drinks: mors (non-carbonated fruit drink), juice or kvass. Or by large variety of homemade bitters. Soviet era music hits add up to the cosy atmosphere, as well as samovar and popular board games — lotto, dominoes, checkers and chess.

One should visit «Dachniki» in seek of heartful and nostalgic rest, to run away from all the fuss, to repose as if on their own terrace, to smell shashlik and to listen to old songs. 


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