People were eating with their hands up to the time when they became limited by conventionalities and etiquette. Eating with your hands is a common trend these days. We interact with food directly, without barriers and intermediaries. We don’t eat mechanically, we get a genuine pleasure and energy that food brings us vice versa. In many corners of the world, such as India and Japan, America and Peru, Africa and China food was traditionally eaten by hands, that’s why our menu is a collection of dishes from around the world. You will soon realise that eating without cutlery is fun and easy - when you’ll put a hot golden Sicilian arancini ball with mozzarella in your hand or bite a slice of Turkish kebab, when your fingers will break a French brioche with crab or part a tom yum chicken with your hands. Vietnamese shrimp, falafel with tomato salsa, semisweet mussels and royal prawns - world’s best meals are waiting for your hands.


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