Kwak Inn pub on Zvenigorodskaya


The third Belgium beer restaurant in St. Petersburg

What is KwakInn? Literally, this is the house where Kwak lives, legendary Belgian ale, but that's not all: KwakInn is the first Belgian beer cafe in St. Petersburg.Yes, we have a few Belgian restaurants as much as 2 to a huge city.

Yes, there are a lot of pubs and beer bars, English and Irish, but not Belgian. In St. Petersburg they love beer but few people know about Belgian beer. Kriek, Stella Artois... That's it! Perhaps someone can distinguish pilsner (bottom-fermented beer) from ale (top-fermented beer). But how many of those who consider themselves fans of beer know about beer of spontaneous fermentation generally manufactured without the addition of yeast? And this is because such beer is prepared exclusively in Belgium. And no other country in the world produces as many beers.

So why no one knows about it?

"This is wrong!" - Said to himself Vladimir Postnichenko who is also the drummer of the group NOM and the owner and creator of the club "Cynic." Love for Belgian beer (and not only) took him away in the distant eighties. The idea to open a Belgian beer cafe in St. Petersburg came, of course, later on, but since getting to know beer Kwak his entire life has become a path to KwakInn launch. He really wanted to create the best place: for himself, for his friends; with atmosphere, tasty food and beer must be the best - Belgian, of course.

The idea became a reality only in May 2009. In addition on the opening day besides the journalists, restaurateurs and friends Ms. Joan Marie Rokas came to congratulate Vladimir, a General Consul of the Kingdom of Belgium in St. Petersburg. And later the entire EU gathered at the table including colleagues of Ms. Rokas from nearby consulates.

Today there are more than 20 types of Belgian beer at our pub and its range is constantly expanding.

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  • Address: St. Petersburg, Zvenigorodskaya ul., 2/44
  • Phone Number: +7 (812) 456-05-15
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    Monday - Thursday: 12:00 - 01:00
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