The Restaurant Festival has gained much more popularity

30 March 2017

A press-conference was held in The Metropol Restaurant on the eve of the opening of the Second Restaurant festival in Saint Petersburg. The event organizers have responded to journalist's questions and told us what will definitely please the gourmets at the Northern Capital of Russia in April.



This year the expert council, which includes more than 50 restaurateurs and journalists, has made a shortlist of the two hundred most interesting venues that are surely able to excite and satisfy even the most demanding guests.

According to Andrey Mushkarev, the Chairman of Saint Petersburg Committee on Tourism Development, brand of the Restaurant Festival is particularly relevant in light of the upcoming Worldchefs Congress, which will be held in 2020 in Saint Petersburg.

He also noted: "All the famous culinary specialists will come to Russia in 2020. This is important, if only because after the Congress the restaurants get Michelin stars, and the eyes of the gastronomic world are focused on the city in which the event takes place."

The Second Restaurant Festival will be held in Saint Petersburg from 1 to 30 April. It had been stated a much larger number of participants than last year – approximately 140 restaurants. Guests can enjoy a set menu from 990 to 1990 roubles. Also this year for the first time will be presented an interesting offer for breakfast – the morning meal will cost 290 roubles. 

The menu of the restaurants-participants will be themed: Fasting menu, Easter menu, Saint Petersburg cuisine, National cuisine, Author's cuisine.