The festival “Two days - a million impressions” attracted several million spectators.

28 September 2021

A large-scale festival in honor of the World Tourism Day took place in St. Petersburg. The main focus of the holiday this year was on online events and events with a controlled number of participants in order to protect residents and visitors of the city during the pandemic.

An information campaign in the media and social networks, initiated by the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development, helped to attract attention to the Tourism Day, the estimated maximum coverage of which was a record 35 million people. Its task was to invite viewers online, for which live broadcasts from the scene were organized. In total, in the period from September 18 to September 26, 2021, 1,338 publications about the Tourism Week 2021 were made in social networks and the media, which were watched by 5.4 million users. The most popular online platform was VKontakte - it was chosen by almost 40% of users, followed by Instagram, from which almost 30% received the information. The third was Telegram, which is preferred by 21% of readers.

More than 2 million people have watched the live broadcast of the My Petersburg Live Festival. From the online studio on the World Tourism Day, the townspeople and guests of the Northern capital, as well as spectators from other regions of Russia, were congratulated by directors, writers, athletes, journalists, musicians, doctors, restaurateurs, bloggers and travelers.

The culmination of the holiday was the «Ball of Sailing Yachts» - water and light show and a symphony concert in the water area of ​​the Neva. The event was held in a special format adapted for video filming online broadcasting, which was watched by 840 thousand people. All broadcasts are available in the Visit-Peterburg.Ru VKontakte group.

The official announcement of the festival gathered 7,400 views on the VKontakte social network. It was the most resonant publication in terms of the number of user reactions, along with posts about a colorful SUP carnival. The total number of likes reposts and a comment of these posts was 27 thousand. The contest in the accounts motivated users to leave congratulations to the city, photos and videos of St. Petersburg, drawings and poems.

The peak of user activity fell on the main days of events - September 25 and 26. Live broadcasts of events were watched by more than 5 million people - over 3 million on the VKontakte network and about 2 million on the Odnoklassniki network. Clips with congratulations of famous people on Tourism Day were seen by 1.4 million viewers. Online broadcasts, contests, prize draws have increased user activity.

Most often, SUP carnival was mentioned on the network - about 20% of all publications mentioning events. Also, residents and guests actively talked about the parade of aqua bikers and shows on the water, the gastronomic festival "Culinary Embassies" and the quest "Treasure Island" on the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

The audience of users who responded to publications on the topic «Tourism Day 2021 in St. Petersburg» consists mainly of women (64% versus 36% of men). Users aged 40-49 years (32%) and 30-39 years old (28%) predominate, young people 18-29 years old (19%) and people of the older age category 50-80 years old (21%) are less active. About 55% of users are residents of St. Petersburg, the rest are from other regions.

During the festival days as part of the Tourism Week in St. Petersburg - 2021, in the top 5 popular locations, according to users' geotags, were included Bolshaya Morskaya Street, where the festival took place, Palace Square, the Fontanka River embankment, Peter and Paul Fortress and Palace Embankment.