Transport of St. Petersburg joined the Safe Travels SPB information campaign

17 November 2020

 In November 2020, the information campaign "Safe Hospitality in St. Petersburg / Safe Travels SPB" implemented by the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg was joined by organizations that ensure the operation of public and external transport, as well as transport infrastructure facilities in the Northern Capital.

 To date, information materials about Safe Travels SPB are broadcast on a board above the check-in counters at Pulkovo airport (Northern Capital Gateway LLC) on 1,500 screens located in trams and trolleybuses of St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise Gorelectrotrans and at 420 media complexes of buses of SPb State Unitary Enterprise "Passazhiravtotrans".

 The programme allows residents and visitors of the city to receive up-to-date and transparent information about the measures taken against the spread of CV-19.  All objects that have joined the international movement are marked with a special Safe Travel SPB sign, which, in turn, informs the service consumer about compliance with their own city safety standards adopted in St. Petersburg based on the methodological recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor.

 In order to ensure city safety standards, a general information campaign is being implemented at transport infrastructure facilities, as well as in the transport of St. Petersburg.  All visual materials - posters, stickers and videos with a reminder of the need to comply with basic safety measures, as well as markings with a request to observe social distance, posted as part of the information campaign, are unified.  This will create a cumulative effect and strengthen the campaign of the Government of St. Petersburg to comply with coronavirus safety standards.

 The standards are posted on the website of the Center for the Development and Support of Entrepreneurship.  The information about the participants of "Safe Travels SPB" programme is presented on the official city tourist portal Visit Petersburg as regards the hospitality industry.

 “We have done a lot of work on the development and implementation of the information campaignb “Safe Hospitality in St. Petersburg / Safe Travels SPB ”. Today, in addition to representatives of the city's tourism industry, public transport and transport infrastructure of our city have joined it.  This is a new big step in the implementation of the programme, which confirms compliance with all the necessary protocols and requirements to ensure a safe stay in the region.  This campaign will allow guests of the city to be as informed as soon as possible in order to feel safe and choose the direction for travel that this feeling gives, namely St. Petersburg.  Information on safety measures must be available, otherwise it is very easy to increase people's fears and eventually they may refuse to travel."  - said the Chairman of the Committee for the Tourism Development of St. Petersburg Sergey Korneev.

 “The transition to a new model of transport services, carried out by the Committee for Transport, involves improving the quality of transport services for residents and guests of St. Petersburg.  Now a lot of attention is paid to the renewal of rolling stock, the development of electric public transport, ensuring the safety of passengers, which is especially important in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.  The participation of public transport in the Safe Travels SPB campaign will serve as an indicator for residents and guests of the city revealing compliance with all necessary safety standards as well as remind citizens of the importance of observing the rules established in St. Petersburg for a comfortable and  safe travel ", - said the Chairman of the Committee on Transport Kirill Polyakov.

 One of the first to support the information campaign “Safe Hospitality in St. Petersburg / Safe Travels SPB is the airport Pulkovo.

 “We see our task not only in informing guests and residents of the city that they are safe and can check it but also in attracting our partners - airlines and tenants - to this project.  The guarantee of safe hospitality is the observance by all market participants of the necessary requirements and conditions, responsibility to each client.  We are grateful to the Committee of Tourism Development for the initiative to work effectively in the new realities.  This cooperation allows us to guarantee safety at every stage of the trip: from the flight and the airport to hotels and excursion programs", - said Leonid Sergeev, General Director of Northern Capital Gateway LLC.

 Let us remind you that St. Petersburg became the first city in Russia to join the international movement to ensure safe tourism and recreation - Safe Travels.  In St. Petersburg, city standards have been developed to ensure safe tourism and recreation which were created on the basis of the methodological recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor and synchronized with the recommendations and international protocols of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Council for Tourism and Travel (WTTC).

 St. Petersburg is a recognized world tourist center and one of the most popular travel destinations in Russia.  In 2019-2020, with the support of the city administration and the Government of the Russian Federation, a number of large-scale projects of the international level were implemented and record economic indicators for the city were achieved in the tourism industry.

 Tourism is the driver of the development of the economy of St. Petersburg and shows outrunning growth.  Only in 2019 tourists spent 376.8 billion rubles in our city.  The contribution of tourism to the economy amounted to 4.4% of the GRP.  Tourism is 12% of all exports of St. Petersburg and 44.5% of its non-energy and non-raw materials exports. So tourism is the most environmentally friendly export.  The employment of the population in the hospitality industry in the normal season is more than 107 thousand people, in the high season this figure increases to 300 thousand. In total, up to 500 thousand people are involved in tourism and related industries during the peak period which is 9.5% of  the entire population of the city.  Note that in 2019 St. Petersburg was visited by 10.4 million tourists, which is 26.8% higher than the same indicator in 2018.