"Marches of our victories" to be performed in the Historical Park "Russia - My history"

26 October 2020

On October 27 andNovember 6, 7, 19, 26 the Historical Park "Russia - My History" broadcasts performances of the participants of the musical historical and educational project "Marches of Our Victories". The recordings of the performances will be available at myhistorypark.ru.

The Marches of Our Victories project continues after the forced suspension in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The artistic director of the project is Sergey Polyanichko.

The project is represented by online concerts, in which famous Russian military bands take part: the Admiralty Orchestra, the Neva Concert Brass Band, the Nakhimov Naval School Orchestra, the Peter the Great Concert Brass Band.

The project is dedicated to the history of the victories of the Russian and Soviet armies, which were reflected in works of art. Along with other genres, brass music provides a voluminous and varied material for the study of the native heroic history. Napoleon onceremarked “In the Russian campaign, my army had two main enemies: frosts and Russian military music.”

“Our concerts are history lessons told in the language of music,” says the artistic director of the project, conductor Sergei Polyanichko.

Brass bands perform old-time marches of the Russian army, marches of the Soviet army, famous waltzes, foxtrots and songs of the war years, which reflect the events of the era and at all times raised and supported the morale of the army.

The project is supported by the Presidential Grants Fund.

The broadcasts start at 18.00.

Visitors of the Historic Park will be able to attend the recording of the broadcasts that will take place in the atrium. It is imperative that you wear a mask and keep a safe distance from each other.

Free admission.