St. Petersburg residents prefer to see natural tree on Palace square for the New Year

23 October 2020

This became known from the results of the vote.

An artificial tree has lost with a small lag to the real one in the vote for the right to become a decoration of the Palace square for the New Year. It was just a few percent short of winning. This is reported by the «Petersburg’s  diary».

«Three candidates are currently being considered», - Vladimir Ryabovol, the Chairman of the Press and Media Relations Committee, tells the publication. «They differ only in height and number of needles. A significant issue is the possibility of using heavy equipment for loading. Not every place allows taking the spruce to the place of loading and transportation carefully, without damage to the surrounding landscape, in a gentle mode. All the fir trees are grown in nurseries, where planned logging will not harm the ecology of the forest», - the Chairman said.

Voting took place on the website of the publication «Petersburg’s diary» and in social networks. More than 52.2 percent voted for natural tree, while 47.8 percent preferred an artificial one.