St.Petersburg tops the list of romantic cities for dating

21 October 2020

The Russian service of booking accommodation for vacation surveyed users of social networks and revealed which city in Russia is the most romantic for dating.

The majority of tourists (39.15%) go on romantic trips to St. Petersburg to walk during the «white nights» on the roofs of St. Petersburg houses. In second place is Yalta, 30.19%. Sochi won bronze in the rating of the most romantic cities for dating, gaining 18.4% of the votes.

According to the survey, tourists also go on romantic trips to Kazan (3.3%), Kaliningrad (2.83%), Yaroslavl (1.89%), Rostov-on-Don (1.42%), Samara (1.42%), Ufa (0.94%) and Krasnodar (0.47%).

Top 10 romantic cities for dating: 

St. Petersburg, 39.15% *

Yalta, 30.19%
Sochi, 18.4%
Kazan, 3.3%
Kaliningrad, 2.83%
Yaroslavl, 1.89%
Rostov-on-Don, 1.42%
Samara, 1.42%
Ufa, 0.94%
Krasnodar, 0.47%



 *According to a survey of social networks