The drawing of the bridges will be completed at the end of November

21 October 2020

Navigation on the Neva river will end on November 30.

It is planned to complete the regular drawing of bridges in St. Petersburg on November 30. This is reported by TASS with reference to the SP SBI Mostotrest.

“The last drawing of large bridges along the route of the caravans according to the schedule was on the night of November 30. If there are no applications from the Volgobalt Administration  FBU (at its request, the bridges are being raised), then, accordingly, the bridges will not be raised” - the institution said.

As explained, the navigation period on the Malaya Neva ends on November 30. On the branches of the Neva, the Grenadiersky, Kantemirovsky and Sampsonievsky bridges are raised until November 15.