The festival "Music of the World" will be held online

14 July 2020

You will be able to watch the broadcast on 8 August.

The 5th Saint Petersburg International Ethnic Festival "Music of the World" will be held online this year. This is reported by the St. Petersburg Committee for Culture. The marathon will be held live with the inclusion of headliners of previous years, winners of the All-Russian Open Competition "Music of the World-2020", as well as a live performance of the winner of the Competition-2018, the St. Petersburg ethno-group “Ingervala”.

It is also reported that the live broadcast will include the latest music videos and short interviews of eight leading Russian and foreign ethno-groups: a side-project of the vocalist of the rock band DDT "AleNa" (SPb), the world-known Buryat ethno-rock group "Namgar" (Moscow), the Karelian ethno-rock group "Sattuma" (Petrozavodsk), the ethno-jazz project "Seven Eight Band" (Moscow), the Azerbaijan ethno-jazz band "Jangi" (Baku), the ethno-rock band "Tigrahaud" from Kazakhstan (Taldykorgan), the Bashkir ethno-acoustic ensemble "Yatagan" (Ufa),a traditional and avant-garde gusli virtuoso Olga Glazova (SPb).

14 ethno-rock, ethno-jazz and ethno-electronic groups from Saint Petersburg and Moscow, Belgorod and Stavropol, Krasnoyarsk and Abakan have been nominated for the All-Russian Open Competition "Music of the World" in 2020. The winners are chosen by a professional jury and the audience by voting on social media.