What are tourists unhappy with on vacation?

14 July 2020

What they are unhappy with on vacation above all, the Russian service of booking accommodation for vacations Tvil.ru revealed, interviewing users of social networks.

The majority of Russians (48.51%) replied that at Russian resorts the prices for products, food, services, etc. are very high. In second place is the low level of service - 21.64% of Russians are unhappy with how they are served at resorts and
in hotels.

According to the survey, 8.21% of tourists are also outraged by impudent behavior of local homeowners, 6.72% of respondents wanted all vacationers at the resorts to maintain a social distance. Least of all tourists on vacation are dissatisfied with beaches and food service (2.24% each), as well as poor-quality room cleaning (1.49%).

8.96% of vacationers are happy with everything at resorts.

What tourists are unhappy with on vacation:

1. High prices, 48.51%
2. Low level of service, 21.64%
3. Satisfied with all, 8.96%
4. Impudent behavior of local homeowners, 8.21%
5. Lack of social distance, 6.72%
6-7. Beaches and food service, 2.24%
8. Poor-quality room cleaning, 1.49%


* According to a survey of social networks
Photo: Tvil.ru