How many tourists need a pool at the hotel?

09 July 2020

Social network users were asked if they needed a pool, if they were going to the sea to relax, or if it was easy to do without it. The survey was conducted by the Russian service of booking accommodation for vacations

Most Russians (46.69%) replied that they did not need a pool. They believe that the pool can be abandoned, because its presence gives a rather big increase to the price per room, and, besides, why the pool, if you go swimming in the sea, tourists say.

Their opponents (36.59%) unanimously respond that the pool is still needed. They are ready to overpay, so that the hotel has a normal pool, and preferably with heating. The sea in the morning, and the pool in the afternoon and evening. Yes, in addition, storms occur at sea, in which case a pool will be necessary. According to the survey, 16.72% of respondents do not care about the presence of a swimming pool in a hotel.

Do you need a pool if you go to the sea to relax:

- Not needed. I am going to swim in the sea, 46.69%
- Still as needed, 36.59%
- I don't care, 16.72%