Faberge museum opens for visitors

07 July 2020

Starting July 7 everyone will be able to visit the museum’s permanent exhibition, which presents the world's largest collection of Russian jewelry art of the 19th - early 20th centuries, including masterpieces of the famous Carl Faberge company as well as Russian enamels, ceremonial silver, icons in jewelry revetments, objects of war, porcelain and paintings.

The press service of the museum reminds that it is open from 10:00 to 21:00 everyday.  A visit to the museum is provided mainly with online tickets to excursions for a fixed date and time.

Since it is necessary to limit the number of visitors, the administration of the museum requests to purchase tickets in advance online to selected excursions for a fixed date and time.  It is obligatory to use hand sanitizers at the entrance to the museum,  put on a hygienic mask and keep a 1.5 meter social distance . It is prohibited to enter the museum in case you have flu symptoms.

Group excursions are delivered by a museum guide for a maximum number of 5 people and carried out in accordance with the schedule.

Different groups follow a certain route to prevent them from encountering each other and provide separate entrances and exits tote building and its premises. The times pen tin each hall is regulated and indicated on information stands. The total duration of the excursion is 60 minutes.

You can get more details about the working hours and the rules of visiting the museum and purchase tickets online at www.fabergemuseum.ru.

«Since the beginning of the epidemic we have been observing the situation in Saint Petersburg and following all the recommended preventive measures to protect the health of our guests and employees. We have been waiting for the opportunity to open the doors of the museum for our guests again since the museum is only alive when it has visitors with in its halls! That is why I appeal to all with a request to understand the temporary rules for visiting them use um that we have adopted so that the museum remains a safe place for all of us. The Faberge Museum is resuming its daily work and opens its doors for you!», said Vladimir Voronchenko, director of the Faberge museum and Chairman of the Board of the «Connection of Times» cultural historical fund.