St. Petersburg Hospitality/Safe Travel Program launches in the city

07 July 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the hospitality industry. Today, every country strives to do its best to ensure the sanitary well-being of both its residents and guests. St. Petersburg has developed and proposed its own solutions, becoming the first city in Russia to join the international movement aimed at ensuring safe tourism and recreation.

St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development has drawn up safety standards for organizations providing hotel, tourist, excursion and health resort services; these standards were developed specifically for the St. Petersburg tourism industry, and coordinated with the Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer rights protection and human well-being. The documents contain basic requirements for the sanitary regime, access standards and other necessary measures. Before resuming their work, all organizations will have to ensure compliance with all safety demands and post the confirmation on their official websites.

The implementation of these measures is necessary for the guests to feel safe and choose the travel destination that gives them this feeling, namely St. Petersburg. The guests’ safety must be confirmed, otherwise it is very easy to increase people’s concerns and, as a result, they may refuse to travel. In order to avoid this, a unique Safe Travels SPB stamp, signifying places of safe and comfortable leisure, will be introduced to the St. Petersburg hospitality industry.

Safe Travels SPb is a special stamp in line with international trends, a kind of quality mark confirming safety compliance, which all participants of the St. Petersburg tourism industry and any related industries will be able to receive. The visitors will get the most important thing – the necessary information in order to feel confident that their stay in our city will be secure.

Thanks to the special Safe Travels SPb stamp of safe and comfortable leisure, the program participants will have precedence among travellers choosing their travel destination. For tourists, this should serve as a sign that certain places are safe to visit, and for the industry it is an opportunity to attract more guests, thereby showing concern for their comfortable journey. By receiving the stamp, the organization confirms compliance with all sanitary standards. All recipients of the stamp become participants of the marketing program promoting St. Petersburg as the safest city.

All detailed information about the St. Petersburg Hospitality program is available in a special section of the Visit Petersburg portal.