Rules for tourists visiting St. Petersburg

29 May 2020

Taking into account the phased removal of restrictive measures in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection. The restrictive measures taken earlier in connection with the spread of the coronavirus infection Covid-19 in St. Petersburg are being phased out. Therefore, all tourists traveling to our region please consider the following restrictions.

Petersburg is gradually moving out of restrictive measures related to the coronavirus pandemic. The city is ready to accept tourists from other regions of Russia. You can enter the territory of Saint Petersburg by road, rail and air. No additional permits are required for driving around the region. Transit through Saint Petersburg is also possible. The region offers discounted and free travel tickets on commuter trains and buses.

However, some security measures in the city still remain. In particular, in the Northern capital there is a social distance of at least 1.5 meters in public areas. Citizens and guests of the city must use personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) in public areas including retail outlets, public transport and taxis. This measure is valid until July 26, 2020 inclusive.

As part of the next phase of restrictive measures removal, from July 13:

- activities of hairdressing and beauty salons are fully resumed on condition of receiving clients by appointment. Also, services in bath complexes will be provided in full. Previously, only wash zones were accessible;

- sports organizations are allowed to conduct training. But only coaching staff, trained athletes and service staff can enter the premises;

- St. Petersburg Metro is returning to its usual mode of operation (previously, working hours were limited to 22:00);

- the city authorities require that owners of the beaches "and other legal owners" ensure daily disinfection of all contact surfaces of landscaping elements and ensure that vacationers maintain a distance of 1.5 meters;

- pay toilets open in connection with the increase of people flows;

- mass events - sports, recreational and sightseeing - are still prohibited;

“The remaining restrictions are extended until July 26,” according to St. Petersburg Government.



- hairdressers and beauty salons (by appointment)

- public baths, sports organizations

- specialized objects of furniture retail trade (outside of shopping centers and shopping centers)

- libraries and archives (by appointment)

- real estate organizations (by appointment)

- recruitment agencies (by appointment)

- consumer services located outside the shopping center and shopping center

- photo workshops, photo studios

- repair, maintenance, rental of bicycles and scooters

- groceries

- sport stadiums (the number of spectators is limited)

- car sharing

- health resort organizations

- waterways for ship traffic

-  water objects for navigation on small vessels

- Civil registry office (no more than 10 people per room)

- zoological parks with an area of more than 5 hectares

- seasonal summer cafes

- catering “with the use of a remote street furniture”

- parks, gardens and squares

- children's and sports grounds

- temples (subject to the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor)

- state museums and exhibition centers

- swimming pools and fitness centers (with the exception of those located in shopping malls and shopping centers)

- baths (exclusively in the part of the washing zones)

- stores that have a separate entrance from the street for visitors, with a sales floor area of more than 400 square meters



- theaters (until July 26)

- restaurants, cafes, canteens, buffets, bars, eateries, with the exception of take-away service and summer catering facilities (until July 26)

- group classes are suspended (until July 26)

- tourist agencies

- excursion activities outside the museums and exhibition centers have been suspended (until July 26)


 Which museums are open?

- Zoological museum

- Central Naval Museum

- Cruiser “Aurora”

- Submarine D-2 “Narodovolets”

- Museum of urban sculpture (the Necropolis of the XVIII century, the Necropolis of masters of art and the Necropolis "Literary bridges" in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra);

- Peter and Paul fortress

- Suvorov museum

- Museum of Defense and Siege of Leningrad

- XX century Literary Museum

- Manege Central Exhibition Hall

- Peter the Great Botanical Garden

- Anna Akhmatova Museum in the Fountain House

- Dostoevsky Museum

- Faberge Museum

- Gatchina Palace


Which parks and gardens are open?

- Lower park in Peterhof

- Oranienbaum Park

- Alexandria Park

- Mikhailovsky Garden

- Catherine Park and Alexander Park in Tsarskoe Selo


Opens from:

11 July - Prioratsky Palace

11 July - Central Museum of railway transport

13 July - Catherine Palace

14 July - Kunstkamera

15 July - Mikhailovsky Palace and Benois Wing

15 July - Saint-Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music: the ceremonial halls of the Sheremetev Palace – Museum of Music and the Samoilovs Memorial Museum

15 July - the Main Museum Complex of the Hermitage museum and the General Staff Building

15 July - Summer Garden

16 July - Colonnade of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

27 July - Museum of Political history of Russia

2 September - Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art


Closed for now:

- Grand Palace in Peterhof

- St. Isaac’s Cathedral

- Savior on the Spilled Blood

- Russian Museum of Ethnography

- Mikhailovsky Castle

- Stroganovsky Palace

- Marble Palace

- The Hermitage (opens July 15)

- The State Russian Museum (partially opens July 15)

- Tsarskoye Selo Palaces (Catherine Palace opens July 13)

- St. Isaacs Cathedral (opens July 19, colonnade - July 16)

- Savior on the Spilled Blood (opens July 23)


The operational headquarters for the control and monitoring of the situation with the coronavirus in St. Petersburg:

Regional headquarters website:

Social networks for the region's coronavirus:

Federal Hotline of the operational headquarters:

8 (800) 200-01-12

Rospotrebnadzor St. Petersburg website:

Unified consultation center of Rospotrebnadzor:

8 (800) 555-49-43

Coronavirus Rospotrebnadzor Hotline in St. Petersburg:

+7 (812) 575-81-03
+7 (812) 712-29-81

Unified reference for St. Petersburg on coronavirus in St. Petersburg

+7 812 246-5-122 or from a mobile phone 122

Ministry of Health of St. Petersburg: