First Tourist Information Office in Russia celebrates its anniversary – 20 years!

26 May 2020

In May 2020 Saint Petersburg’s Tourist Information Office, which relates to Committee for Tourism Development celebrates its anniversary – 20 years.

«City tourist information bureau in Saint Petersburg became the first in Russia tourist center, where tourists could get all information support for free. At first we had studied a lot foreign experience before we have founded our information center. It’s a very important moment in communication with tourists and getting a feed back. Our specialists make a comfortable atmosphere, providing with all information support all guests of our city and they also promote Saint Petersburg on international and Russian tourist markets. Our offices are situated not only in Saint Petersburg, there are also 14 in different European cities like Barcelona and Palermo, and also in Hong Kong, New Delhi and others. Each year thousands of tourists visit our information centers abroad and then come to Saint Petersburg. I would like to remind, that in 2019 Saint Petersburg visited 10,4 millions of tourists and it’s our record», -- says chairman of the Saint Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development EvgenyPankevich.

Today City Tourist Information Bureau includes three offices, 6 pavilions in a city center and two portable.  There are also 13 electronic sensor terminals. In summer period operates Askme-service in the city. Specialists move on Segway around the city center and provide tourist with help and information.

In 2019 offices and pavilions have visited 200 thousands of Russian and foreign tourists, Askme-service have helped to more than 30 thousands of people. Specialists in City Tourist Information Bureau speak English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Serbian and Chinese and therefore could help everyone.

In cooperation with best guides, specialists from City Tourist Information Bureau created more than 500 unique touristic routes. The most popular are – Life in Leningrad during Blockade, Streetlights of the center of Saint Petersburg, Tram route.

Every day on the official web-site Visit Petersburg is published new information with news, travel routes and other useful details about what happens in the city, where and when.

City Tourist Information Bureau in Saint Petersburg takes it very serious and aware about safety of tourists and therefore employers actively cooperate with city’s tourist police. Every year many round tables are organized with representatives of foreign embassies to discuss comfort and safety stay of tourists in Saint Petersburg.