Broadcasts of the all-Russian action «Night of museums» were watched by more than 2 million people

19 May 2020

This year the action «Night of Museums» took place entirely in online-format. On the web-portal «» and in social networks «Vkontakte» and «Odnoklassniki» there were 49 broadcasts, which were watched by more than 2 million people.

The most popular were the excursion with the robot Kliosha in the Museum of Modern History of Russia, the author’s excursion by the artist Dmitry Gutov and the director Andrey Silvestrov «Extraordinary adventures of Dima and Sasha in the night Pushkinsky», the trip on the night Nizhny Novgorod «The night is bright» from the Volga-Vyatka branch of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the excursion of the Russian Museum on the Marble Palace, as well as the excursion on the exhibition «Mercy was not killed by the war » and the story about the exploits of medical workers during the Great Patriotic War, prepared by the Belgorod Center of Folk Art.

For the first time the action «Night of Museums» started in the social network Tiktok. On May 14 the marathon excursions from the leading museums of the country began in the account «CULTURAL». In addition, Tiktok launched a flashmob #museum, where users tell about items from their home as if they were museum pieces. Flashmob received 2.8 million views. The official hashtag of the action #NightOfMuseums was watched 8.7 million times.