The 29th of April is International Dance Day

29 April 2020

Annually on the 29th of April the whole world celebrates International Dance Day. This festival has already been uniting all dancers for more than 35 years.

We are offering you to watch the performances of international ballet festival Dance Open – “Golden collection” on its third and final day.

The exclusive translation is to take place today at 7 p.m.

To watch the ballet performances, click HERE.


In 1982 the International Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute affiliated to UNESCO took decision to celebrate International Dance Day annually on the 29th of April, on the birthday of French ballet-master Jean-Georges Noverre who is the father of the modern ballet.

Jean-Georges Noverre (29 April 1727 – 19 October 1810) was a French ballet-master, choreographer and ballet theorist taught by L. Dupré. He performed as a dancer and was the head of the ballet company of the Drury Lane Theater in London.