Midnight ascension

24 May 2016

Soon it will be possible to get up on St. Isaac's Cathedral also at night. 

On June 1 one of the most popular lookout decks of the city on Neva will be open at night.

The summer nights in St. Petersburg are filled with interesting events. So, this year the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral will open for Petersburgers and visitors of the city at night. On June 1st, the platforms will daily work from 22:30 till 4:30. On Wednesday the attraction will be closed.

The colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral is one of the oldest observation decks of the Northern capital. It was built in the period of post-war reconstruction in 1950 until 1960. Today you can enjoy a stunning view of the large Neva, the Admiralty, the Peter and Paul Fortress and other architectural dominants of St. Petersburg.