First New Year AR art object installed in St. Petersburg

20 December 2019

As part of the centralised design of Malaya Konyushennaya Street of St. Petersburg, a festive construction of lights with unique and ultra-popular AR (augmented reality) technology has been installed for the New Year holidays. It is the ‘Gingerbread House’, in the windows of which residents and visitors of St. Petersburg can see New Year's stories.

In the ‘Gingerbread House’ art object, AR is demonstrated in the form of exciting videos from the life of Ded Moroz who appears in the windows when the gadget's camera is hovering over them. The windows of the house are a kind of portals to the virtual house of Ded Moroz, that allow sneaking into the fabulous world of preparation for the New Year through the screens of the phones.

Also near the house, there is a light stand with interactive marks. When you move the smartphone or tablet camera on the device’s screen, funny animated characters will appear. You can choose one of them and take a picture or shoot a video next to the Snowman, Ded Moroz and other favourite fairy-tale characters. Photos with magic characters can be sent to relatives and friends, as well as shared on social networks.