FIFA inspection is satisfied with St. Petersburg

01 February 2018

The seventh inspection visit of the Local Organizing Committee Russia 2018 and FIFA representatives took place in Saint-Petersburg. Delegation inspected stadium "St. Petersburg” and Novokrestovskaya metro station that preparing for opening. This is the last operational visit on the eve of World Football Championship FIFA 2018, which will start June 14.

Director of FIFA Competitions Division Colin Smith, Chief Operational Officer of the Russia 2018 Local Organizing Committee Dmitry Godunov and St. Petersburg Deputy Governor Igor Albin also was in delegation as the guests.

St. Petersburg Stadium, transport facilities and communication networks were successfully tested last summer during the Confederations Cup. However, there is still a difference in tournament requirements. In the current "check" the visitors paid special attention to the football field, the Media Center that will be moved, and the new metro station near the stadium. Colin Smith said that the organization’s inspection commission is satisfied with St. Petersburg.

"We are very happy to come back here, very pleased with this visit. This object is very familiar to us. It took the Confederations Cup matches last year. It is very good for us that such a big club as Zenith is holding matches here on a regular basis,” Director of FIFA Competitions Division said.

The new lawn has already been laid at St. Petersburg Stadium. It was grown in Denmark on the newest technology and represents a hybrid system (natural grass grown on a synthetic base, which already has synthetic fibers that imitate grass). It is a new trend approved by FIFA.

Earlier, the Media Center prevented to the rolling out of the football field. Now there is no fear and risks associated with this operation. On the external perimeter of the field was finished dismantling of Media Center. A new one will be built until the end of February.

In addition, the adaptation and creation of temporary infrastructure at the stadium goes right now. In April the training ground in Pavlovsk will be finished; the works on training grounds in Zelenogorsk and Lomonosov have been completed; the playground on Metalistov prospect has already been operated during the Confederations Cup 2017.

Also, on Krestovsky Island soon there will be another metro station and a temporary pedestrian bridge which is necessary to separate the flows of people arriving at the stadium and leaving it through the metro station "Novokrestovskaja". The projects will be put into operation until 29 April.