A top 100 of the best restaurants will be formed in Petersburg

04 December 2017

On 6 December 2017 in St. Petersburg will take place a ceremony of the "Top 100 Best St. Petersburg Restaurants Award". Within the framework of this event will be summed up the past 3rd Restaurant Festival, which has been held this autumn in Saint Petersburg for the third time already. Representatives of the Festival Committee and Expert Council of the Festival will participate in the awards ceremony.

A council of 100 experts will decide, which gastronomic places of the Northern Capital are the best. The council will include restaurateurs, chefs and journalists writing about the restaurant culture of St. Petersburg. 

Apart from that, partners from Finland, "Viisi Tahtea", who are the experts in the White Guide Nordic – a prestigious award, which is more honorable than the Michelin Red Guide in the Scandinavian countries, are also involved in the preparation of the award.

In addition to the award "Top 100 restaurants of St. Petersburg" within the framework of the 3rd Restaurant Festival, experts will select the Top 10 chefs of St. Petersburg, as well as reward those journalists who writes about the gastronomic culture of the city on the Neva. The event will include the announcement of the Fourth St.Petersburg Restaurant Festival programme.

The Festival's leaders by number of the sold sets will also be announced during the ceremony. We remind that during this festival, visitors of certain gastronomic places could choose special set menus at a fixed price: 1990 and 990 roubles, as well as special breakfast offers for 290 roubles that has been presented for the second time.

The Restaurant Festival takes place twice a year, in spring and autumn. Over the past two seasons, this event has established itself as one of the leading gastronomic events of Russia's Northern Capital, due to the great interest shown by the citizens and tourists, as well as participating restaurants. For example, more than 140 city restaurants took part in the Second Saint Petersburg Restaurant Festival last season. Participation in Saint Petersburg Restaurant festival is voluntary and free of charge for all the restaurants.

As the organizers say, Restaurant Festivals have become such events that provide an opportunity for foreign and Russian tourists to taste the best of Petersburg's cuisine at an affordable price.Besides,Top 100 St. Petersburg Restaurants Award is to help foreign tourists to be better oriented in the gastronomic offers of the Northern Capital. According to Andrey Mushkarev ,The Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Developement, the Restaurant Festival is a part of event tourism. However, it aims not only to attract tourists but also to confirm the status of St. Petersburg as the gastronomic capital of Russia. 

The task of the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism development and Expert Council of the Festival is to show the multiplicity of "restaurant St. Petersburg', ahead of World Congress of Association of Chefs' Societies, which will be held in the city on the Neva River in 2020.