L.U.X Club


New nightclub, located on Konyushennaya Square, is the epicenter of high life of St. Petersburg.

Night club "LUX" developed by the creators of the legendary club "Air", and is a successful symbiosis of high-quality light and sound. Here you can dance on two dance floors with different music styles (house sounds on the main dance floor, deep-house on the second Luxury-dance floor), as well as to evaluate the range of the bar, is located in convenient areas for guests to relax in the comfortable VIP-lounge. Nightclub «LUX» awaits its guests at the end of the working week - on Friday and Saturday.

  • Phone Number: +7 (812) 241-19-53
  • Site: lux-klub.ru
  • Working time:
    Monday - Sunday: 23:00 - 06:00
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