State Museum of The History of Saint-Petersburg. Kirov Museum.


A branch of the State Museum of St-Petersburg's History

S. M. Kirov Museum is a branch of the State Museum of St-Petersburg's History, it is located in the historical center of St-Petersburg, in the former commercial apartment building of the First Russian Insurance Society that was built in 1911-1914 under the project of L. N. Benua and A. I. Gunst.

The museum was opened in Leningrad on November, 6 1938 and used to have two addresses: the first one was before 1955 in the former mansion of M. F. Kshesinskaya, and the second one at Kamennoostrovskiy Prospect, 26/28, where, in a five-room apartment, lived S. M. Kirov - the first secretary of the Leningrad Regional Party Committee. The museum should have "made a communist education of workers by the example of passionate Bolshevist S. M. Kirov". From August of 1991 the museum has become a part of the State Museum of St-Petersburg's History. 

The twelve-room apartment memorial flat of the Leningrad Communist Party Leader has been preserved till present. The interior decoration of the study, the library, the small workshop and the bedroom came to our time almost unchanged; the kitchen, the second entrance hall and the housemaid's room have been reconstructed. A collection of Kirov's clothes, hunting equipment and trophies, carpentry and metalworking tools and gifts from Leningrad workers is on display. Original documents, photographs, personal items give insight into the life of political elite of Leningrad of the 1930s.

The  part of exhibition is dedicated to social, economic and cultural aspects of the history of Leningrad. Unique documents and photographs reflect the stages of the “Socialist Construction” process, accelerated industrialisation and forced collectivisation in the Northwest region as well as tough administrative and repressive management methods of the Soviet Government.

Multimedia display describes the history of Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt – one of the main streets of Petrograd Side, which connects the historical center of St Petersburg with islands and suburbs. For almost two centuries it had developed into a single architectural complex, and is often referred to as “Architectural Workshop of the turn of the nineteenth – twentieth centuries”. Some eighteen buildings of a 3,5 km long Kamennoostrovsky Prospect are easily placed in a multimedia casket, which enables the visitors to make a virtual journey around one of the most beautiful streets of St Petersburg and to see how it has been changing in the course of time.

Expositions, dedicated to Sergey Kirov, history of Leningrad in 1920-1930 and history of Kamennoostrovsky prospekt.

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