Стеклодувная мастерская ЦПКиО им. С. М. Кирова (Елагин осторов)

«The Secret of Glassblowing» Show


с 21.10.2022 по 31.12.2023


Kirov Central Culture and Leisure Park

Гостям продемонстрируют, как рождаются и обретают форму изделия из горячего стекла в настоящей Стеклодувной мастерской. 

The «Secret of Glassblowing» show will introduce participants to the inner workings of a Glassblowing studio. They will discover the art of traditional glass blowing, and learn the secrets of transforming glass into works of art.

Participants of the show will bear witness to the transformation of a molten blob of glass into a unique piece of art

The show host will follow along with the glassworker and describe in detail every step of the process. Guests will learn about the inner workings of the different furnaces and tools involved in glassmaking.

The glassworker will demonstrate how glass behaves at high temperatures, how it can become viscous like honey or as brittle as ice.

Before your eyes, the experienced glassworker will transform artistic ideas into various shapes, demonstrating original techniques.

Guests will witness as delicate Christmas tree toys and exquisite venetian glass decorations emerge from the shapeless mass of molten glass.

Every participant will be gifted a glass souvenir made by the Yelagin Island Glassblowing Studio!