12 February, Sunday, 19:00

The comic opera in three acts

The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera for the first time turned to one of the most popular operas by Rossini. The director interpreted the comedy plot as the Italian commedia dell'arte and the company played it brilliantly and with young enthusiasm. 

“A comedy of manners is always interesting”, the director Yuri Alexandrov says. – “Love, jealousy, betrayal ... These feelings are always close and familiar to people, whether it is in our time, the last century or earlier ... We play in Italian to retain the opera’s style and phonetics. Although playing in the original language somewhat deprives the performance of some comical points, the situational comedy remains, where humor arises from the whole meaning rather than from the text itself”.

Performed in Italian

Running time — 2 hours 40 minutes
Tickets cost — 700 - 1800 roubles

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