Lucia di Lammermoor

03 February, Friday, 19:00

Opera in two acts

The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera offers the audience a modern interpretation of the Gothic drama and opera by Gaetano Donizetti. The action of the play is transferred to the present day. The main character escapes from the corrupted “well-fed” office life where all this brightness and luster merely hide her loneliness and pain, into the «gothic» world. 

«Donizetti is the composer that belongs to our theater and we turn to his works whenever we start feeling that the world around us lacks that human intonation which can be found both in his comic operas and music dramas», the director Yuri Alexandrov says. «Staging “Lucia di Lammermoor» is a test for the highest professionalism. This Donizetti opera is difficult to sing, but it also important to fill it with new content.»


Running time — 2 hours 30 minutes
Tickets cost — 400 - 800 roubles

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