The Golden Cockerel opera

05 January, Tuesday, 19:30

The action unfolds in the Thrice-Tenth Kingdom in fantastical times

The Golden Cockerel was the last of the composer’s fifteen operas and, arguably, the most mysterious. Both Pushkin’s text and Rimsky-Korsakov’s music have led to different interpretations and readings. 

The opera was first staged at the Mariinsky in 1919. The political background had altered, and then in The Golden Cockerel the satire of the aristocracy was underlined.

The roles are being rehearsed by: Sergei Aleksashkin, Vladimir Feliauer and Edward Tsanga (Tsar Dodon), Andrei Serov and Denis Begansky (General Polkan), Aida Garifulina, Olga Pudova and Antonina Vesenitsa (the Queen of Shemakha), Larisa Diadkova, Elena Vitman and Zlata Bulycheva (Amelfa), Vladislav Sulimsky, Alexander Gerasimov and Yaroslav Petryanik (Afron), Alexander Trofimov, Ilya Selivanov and Andrei Ilyushnikov (Gvidon), Andrei Popov, Stanislav Leontiev and Artyom Melikhov (the Astrologer) and Kira Loginova, Yekaterina Krasko and Anna Shulgina (the Cockerel).


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